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Which CJ are you inquiring about, the 82 or the 79? I'd be voting on one of these possibilities:

1. The over-run clutch on the drive gear is bad. Check to see if the drive gear has slop, and can roll in BOTH directions. If it can, it's bad.

2. The bendix is not throwing out the gear to engage the flywheel. Take the motor out and have it bench tested to see if the bendix is operatioal... over about 20 starts. That drive gear should be thrown out each and every time.

3. The starter is not shimmed properly. A FOMOCO style starter may need an occasional shim to allign the drive gear and flwheel teeth. You can use washers, and figure out easily if it is an alingment problem. Once you confirm it is, HELP products makes a nice little FOMOCO spacer, at about $7.00... you may need two!

4. Bad flywheel. Pull the starter and manually advance the flywheel to observe the teeth. Are any Borken or ground down? If so... replace the starting ring.

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