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starting problem

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My damn truck wont. Turn the key and nothing happens. I thought it was the starter sel. so i replaced it. Turned the key and nothing happened.Then I thought it was the ignition switch, so i replaced that also. Got in the truck turned the key and nothing again. Truck has power, lights radio all work. Tried jumping it, that didnt help. I don't hear anything clicking when i turn the key. Does anyone have any other ideas.
thanks for your time
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#1- did you check with a test light for 12V at the small start terminal on the solenoid in the start position?

#2- did you try jumping across to the starter post of the solenoid to see if that engauges the starter?
you can also jump across with a screw driver or test lead, from the small start terminal on the solenoid to the BATT post of the solenoid and see if that actuates it...

#3- if after that you still have no starter action, my guess is your starter is toast!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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