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I'm having some major starting/electrical problems with my '90YJ. when i try to start my jeep the starter just clicks then the lights in my dash (both turn signals, brake light, brights indicator, 4wd indicator, maintinance minder light) come on and start to flash, even after returning the key to the run position. I thought it might be the starter so i replaced it. that didn't work so i replaced the starter relay, that didn't work. possibly the ingnition switch?...nope relpaced that to. I've even pulled my intire wiring harness to check for shorts in the wires, none were found.

Ocasionaly the jeep will start right up and run great, but then i shut it off and try to start it again and this problem occurs.

any help or suggestions would be apreciated,



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I'm surprised that you haven't noticed one of my kazillion posts about grounding your Jeeps. You know...the three Jeeps that you have......the engine/tranny group.....the chassis/suspension group......and the tub/front end tinware group. ALL THREE of these Jeeps need to have a DIRECT LINE to the battery. Be a friend to your Jeep and run some good, well-made, heavy grounds to these three areas. Heck, the fuel gauge may even work after that.

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