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Start time getting longer

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History: '88 4.0 l, replaced all fuel injector o-rings and regulator o-rings last winter when they started leaking..could smell gas leaking...

I think this is normal for this year XJ, the starter has to turn over for several seconds to get the engine fired. This has always been longer with this Jeep than any of my other cars....

Well, in the last few weeks, the time for the engine to crank is getting longer than usual. There is no smell of leaking gas....

Any idea what is causing the starter to have to turn over longer before the engine starts?
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hmm, if it gets real bad, then you better look for a new starter
The starter is only about a year old....the starter is turning over fine. It appears it takes longer to get the fuel to the cylinders?????
mine does the same thing, i just turn the key back and forth 3 or 4 times to prime up the cranks alot faster like that!
Thanks, I'll go out and try that tonight. How's school going?
This problem occurs with later model xj's as well. It is the fuel pump. I know on the later models Chrysler has a TSB on the pump and offers a kit to correct it. I have an 89. It does the same thing.
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So, basically the pump is not pumping or holding the pressure is should? That would explain why there is no smell of gas leaking. The pressure is leaking back into the tank.
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