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after i hooked up my warm air duct, i pulled the plugs to check their condition, and found that if unhooked the plug wire on cylinder 1 or 2, it would run very rough and almost die. however, if i unhooked the wire from cylinder 3 or 4, it hardly made a difference and it would idle as if i hadnt touched anything...

it idles smoothly normally, and runs fine down the road.
anyway, i was completely confused by this, and was wondering what i had overlooked or not considered, as there is likely a simple explanation for it
(this is my first gas car, i had a jeep cherokee with a renault diesel, a peugeot 505 diesel, and a toyota landcruiser, bj40...also a diesel...please bare with my questions!..)
thanks in advance for any info!

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thats what i was planning to do later today.
hope the compressions good and its just a plug wire or something.
funny thing is i drove a few samurais before i bought this one,and it was by far the strongest running of the ones i tried...
but it would be nice if i could pick up a little more power...
i plan on (eventually) getting a header and a full 2" as well as possibly a weber..(id really prefer a simpler carb than the stock one..) but ill definately start by making sure the compressions good so if needed i can fix it rather than spend money on upgrades...
thanks for the opinion

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i checked the compression and its fine on all 4
in addition, i pulled the plug wires one at a time, just like last time, and they all seemed to make the same difference in idle speed. the first time i tried this,about a week ago, i pulled the front one, and it had the effect it should, a few days later, and the back ones made no difference, and now, its back to the way it was the first of the three times.
so i suspect the plug wires are going south on me, and thats the reason for the inconsistancy.
ill probably replace them and see if it changes anything.
in the meantime, everything seems to be working well, so im not in a huge hurry..

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Ahh... a local guy!

If you're gonna go replace the ignition, try - Lifetime warranty. I've had mine for 3 years, and have worked flawlessly. Based in Abbotsford, many local parts stores stock their stuff.

Had to use the warranty once.... he popped the hood, yanked the bad wire, went inside for 5 mins, and made a new one. Asked if he wanted a receipt.... said "Nope. My name's right on it".
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