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BY FAR the best time of my life...Staind and Sevendust were at the 1st arena in elmira this past sunday (the 29th)...and it was unbe****inlievable....that was so awesome...i got some pics to post...mainly just of aaron lewis on stage...i woulda got pics of sevendust, but i didn't dare stand on the floor with the 400 dollar damn my uncle bill said he was goin to sit in the bleachers right after sevendust started, so i had him take my coat and camera with him....the mosh pits ruled...the music was not really all about sevendust, but it was kickass to see them in concert, but i was there for Staind...and Aaron lewis rocked the freakin house....i went up into the bleachers for him so i could get pics...and it was just....fantastic, i loved it, im definatly gonna try to hit more concerts around here...godsmack is supposed to be in nyc here sometime in december, im gonna see if i can get up to that...but my god...everybody was smokin was nutz, i came home high and i didn't even smoke...their was just so much smoke in the arena, my parents even knew i was high, lol. But i can't really explain's just, Staind has been one my favorite bands for a couple years....every since break the cycle came out i always had that in my it. it was awesome


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