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I am thinking of doing something different in the way of front springs on my cj5, I have it all apart currently doing new axles maybe a shackle reversal. I would like to get the wider width springs in the front of my jeep, but not sure exactly how I should go about it. My dilema is keeping the same height front to rear, and still enough lift to clear my tires. I currently have 2.5" rancho CJ lift springs all around, and a 1" shackle lift. I want to do this cheap, so buying 2" wrangler lift springs is probably out. What about stock waggy springs? How much different is the spring length? I dont want to get a new drive line, so I would like to leave the axle where it is. Could I just move the rear hanger back, and maybe the front up a little? How will these springs ride, a friend suggested pulling one leaf out of the waggy leaf if I use it, for better flex and ride.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions.

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