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I've been thinking about doing a spring-over and need some questions answered. Is there a kit that's for sale that makes this conversion easier? When its done do the track bars need put back on-like a longer set or just left off? One last thing-will cv joints work on the driveshafts-or will I need to drop the trans to compensate the lift? Any help is appreciated.

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There are a ton of SOA related posts on this a search and read through those threads, here is a short answer for you.... sells a SOA kit that helps with everything you need. You will most likely need CV driveshaft(s) Leaving the track bars on or off is personal preference, you could leave them on and design a quick disconnect system with a pin or similar(someone has a write up on the web about this just can't remember where) hope this helps, but like I said search this board there is a ton of info on the board

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