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Hey guys, I'm fixing to park Ole Yeller and start my list of mods to be completed before Jam this year. And I'm looking for any advice that can be given to save me time and money. Thanks the list follows

-Install Ford F-250 Shock Mounts
-Put a D30 and D44 under it, D44 locked
-Change D30 to Disc
-Put 35x12.50x15's on 15x8.00 rims
-Install a 19 gal Scout Tank
-Put a 2 inch body lift on it
-Rise the Rear Shock mounts
-Find and install front springs
-Extend spring shackles
-Custom Fab up Rock Sliders instead of Rocker Panels

Any advice is welcome, Thanks

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Its about a hour west and north of Philladipha, I have a set of axles already but am sure i could use another set, and very interested in the disc converson kit. Do you by chance know the gear ratios in the D30/D44 combo you have?

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Well, I am pretty far away,then. Dayton is by the Indiana line here in Ohhoho.

In one-to-three weeks I will have those axles out of a '73 commando and they are 3.73's. I have to leave them under the chassis right now to be able to move it until I can get it inot tha sho for the axle swap. I don't have a kit, I just have the caliper brackets and a new napa rotor that I had been stockpiling before I bought scout d44's.

what kind of lift are you going to do to run those 35's? SOA?

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I'm intersted in the caliper brackets and rotors, not sure if my father wants the axles for one of our other Jeepsters. We just happen to drive through Dayton on the drive to my grandparents place in Missourri. And my father and I are planing to go to Missourri in March or early April, to haul some of our partsters down. We could stop by and get the axles if my father wants them. (Hey dad, if you want these axles post your opion please)

And as of right now i have a SOA already on Ole Yeller and have 31x10.50x15 Timberline A/T's under it. But the 31's are to small and do not clean very well in mud. As plans stand right now I plan to put a 2 inch body lift with the SOA already done. I may have to trim some fennders to make them fit good enough to wheel with them.

Tonight when i get home i will post some pictures of Ole Yeller as is now.
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