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So...What is the difference between a locker and a spool? Both are fully locked and don't give an inch of slippage, like a LS or open diff. does. The spool is easier to 'install'. My concern with the Detroit was tire size. Before installing it, I carefully measured tire height, circumference, etc. and found that I had a measurable difference between alll the donuts! The two that were nearly the same went on the back. After aprox 3000 miles, I measured again and they are equal! The bigger one lost 1/2" of circunference! Guess I 'sanded' it off!!! The tires chirp on turns , especially under acceleration, but the rig drives pretty normal on road. I won't have a rig without some kinda locker in the rear again...Didn't know what I was missing. Just be carefull turning around on surfaces that you want to keep in one piece...Like your yard!

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