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Spool or Locker??

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I just got the new magazine from petersens 4 wheel and on there 50 tips for tightwads section it saws get a spool instead of a locker, whats a spool? it says its about a 1/3 cheaper than a locker too!

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A spool is just a single piece of metal machined out to bolt a ring gear, and internal splines for the axle shafts (full spool) or the same thing, except its designed to fit inside a stock carrier (mini-spool)
I think general consensus of the board is that spools are not as desirable for a street / trail machine. I was considering one, but only briefly. Worse tire wear than a locker, more tire noise, etc. Only good thing is that its 100% reliable as a unit, and you'll know its always engadged...

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I personally like spools, in my opinion they have the same drawbacks as a detroit locker but are MUCH stronger and like you say 100% reliable. Great choice for the rear, not for front axles (unless you really like going straight).

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How about a spool in a front alxe (Dana 30) of a YJ? How would that effect drivability/tire wear?

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If you put a spool in the front then I hope you like going straight. Turning will be difficult if not imposible with it.

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Guys -

Get lock-rites... They are cheap, easy to install, you don't have to reset the ring and pinion, and it has been my experience that A) they will take all the abuse you can dish out, and B) They're obviuosly (by my personal experience) much stronger than most other parts in the Dana 30 anyway. I bought a used lock-rite for a Dana 30 on this board 2 years ago for $125. Since then , I have twisted two front driveshafts, blown the ring and pinion, snapped an axle u-joint, and chopped the ears off of an axle shaft. The lock-rite still looks brand new. -- It sure is small when it's on the kitchen counter, though!!! :)

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No kidding about going straight. I welded the spiders and side gears in my front axle, and sure enough, the traction is great! However, after I first installed it, I tried to back out of my driveway and found that I could not turn the wheel. In the dirt or mud, they are great when the wheels can slip a bit, but on rock it really gets tiring. I may swap front and rear thirds some time so I have a lock rite in front and the lincoln locker in the rear.

stay away from Lock-right's i had one (i guess it was one) in the 35c in my YJ for 2 yrs, and it got sent back 5 times(honored the warenty for all 5 times, and the full 2yrs) broken every time. i'm not toooo hard on my rearend, but i couldn't keep that damn thing together for the life of me... Did get good at replacing spiders "in the field" though. Now i have a Detroit, Less "clunk" (scientific term) more reliability, now if i could only stop breaking u-joints...


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What if you have a spool or mini-spool in the front, and you have locking hubs? Wouldn't this just lock the front when your hubs are locked and you are in 4High or 4Low....also having a part time transfer will help lessen wear-correct? Or, just lock one hub in and you will have regular four wheel drive?
Will this work?

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Would having manual hubs make any difference on "driving straight?"

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Has anyone ever tried to put lockouts on the rear with a spool and leave one locked-out for street?

So a SPOOL has the EXACT same effect as WELDING your Spider Gears? Correct??? I have always wondered this.


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Yes, the same as welding up spider/side gears (although some welded setups may be made with a little play in them (i.e. Fozzy locker). A spool removes the whole carrier with its side gears/spider gears. Basically, its a one piece assembly that connects the two axle shafts to make it a solid piece from end to end and it has a place for the ring gear to bolt to it.
I don't know how readily availabe they are for jeep axles. My bro-in-law has searched everywhere for one for his 30 spline Dana 44.

Is this the same setup as most 4wheelers have in the rear axle?

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