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Does anyone make a spool for the Dana 30? Does a spool take the place of the carrier? I am considering installing a spool in my 30 when I complete my gear swap next week. I will use a twin stick to make any necessary turns. I have seen many on the trail with a Detroit upfront that have to disengage to make turns. Why spend the money for a Detroit if you have to go 2WD in the turns anyway?


1985 CJ7

I don't know if anyone makes them, but a spool does replace the carrier. A "mini-spool" replaces the side gears and spider gears, and is cheap (looks kinda like a Lockrite, but without the two halves, just one solid piece).

I have my side gears great for me (was free). I forgot about the 2wd low thing though........thanks for reminding me! I just bought a Samurai and was trying to decide which end to weld. Now I think I will weld the front and convert the t-case to operate in 2 low.

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