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Spindle nut socket

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This may be a little simple, but I'm getting ready to do my first wheel bearing job on a CJ and I'm looking for a spindle nut socket. It's an '84 CJ7 with the hex nut style. Does anyone know what size it is so I don't have to put the vehicle up on blocks and take the nut out looking for the correct socket. This is a daily driver so I can't afford to start the job and not finish it quickly.

Also, I heard a rumor that Jeep had a recall on the 258 plastic valve covers and would replace them or re-seal them free of charge....any truth to it or just bull****??

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The front spindle nuts take a 2 1/16 socket. Your local parts store should be able to get it for you. You need to get a spindle nut socket not a regular 1/2 drive socket. It needs to be a deep socket.

Did it go together nice and easy? You did something wrong.Will have to do it again./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif
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also remember to get new inner wheel bearing seals before you start. i forgot to get em the last time i regreased my front axle and couldnt get to the auto store. i restraightened the outer part that bent when i pryed it out and reused it. the seal still looked good and i havent had any kind of leak but just replace them if you can


i just replaced a spindle and bearings because i didn't replace the inner seal. inner race spun and welded itself to the spindle. seals are much cheaper.

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