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SpiderTrax anyone? HELLO!!

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OK, what's up with the folks at Spider Trax? Are they defunct? Neither I nor anyone else has been able to get in touch with them for the last 3 weeks!! What do we have to do?!?! I'd like to buy something!!!

Please respond!!

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Try Tim at NCO, he carries Spidertrax products. 1-866-4X4PART

I believe they are moving their shop.

(That's what I was told my Samurai resembles)/wwwthreads_images/icons/mad.gif
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They in the process of movin maybe? I heard something a while back about their "possible" move out west.

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I've talked with Tim already. Does anyone else make a rear disc brake conversion?

I beleave the guys were working on a kit that used Subaru calipers with e-brake.....don't know if it'd done yet bit it's worth a call.....

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That would be Trail Tough. They have a disc/full floater kit. Not sure if they can be bought seperate though as the caliper mount is also the floater bearing retainer thingy.

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We do have the Spidertrax disc brake kits in stock.

We may offer up an alternative here shortly as well. Way back.... I ran a cool Subaru disc brake setup in back. Nicest thing was that the caliper setup came with an emergency brake as well. If I get some time this Summer, it will definetely be on the drawing board for kit form.

http:// [URL] [/url]
Spidertrax is moving to Longmont CO in Aug. I emailed Tim and they said they were very busy with orders and the move. At least they responded.

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Petroworks Also carrys some of Spidertrax product.
Just last week on wednesday i had order the disk brake conversion and had received it the friday of the same week. They did have a few in stock.
Now I just need to get a hold of some calipers that work.

We have no orders that are 5 months old or paid for that long. Please contact me direct if there are any questions regarding existing orders.
[email protected]

Disc brake kits are in stock.
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