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::<: One of these days I am going to collect all of the mispelled Jeep terms and make a downloadable post that has the list with the correct word opposite. It really is amazing how much of some posts are mispelled, especially terms that we see every day like "brakes". I know...I know...some of you think spelling doesn't matter when you are looking at sky through the front windshield, and everything is grabbing and pulling like it should; but it's just good practice. Hey, everyone has to fill out applications, forms, resumes, etc. from time to time, and this page would be a good place to hone your verbal/spelling skills.
When I was a kid and a wannabe engineer, I learned techspeak from reading the owner's manuals from our Caterpillars and trucks, and by reading the army surplus manuals that we got with the GI 6 X 6s that we fed cows with. BEFORE you pounce on me for this post, PLEASE understand that this is just a casual suggestion as to how you could benefit by paying close attention to the technical text and spelling the next time you have that repair book open. If you can present yourself well in print, you have a much better chance of making those around you sit up and pay attention. Sometimes that can be handy. Hmmm...? CJDave

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