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Does anyone do Speedway anymore? I live in the South (now) and have been watching the European Speedway Competitions (FIM I think is what they are called), remembering back to the days when Speedway was run at the County Fair Grounds where I grew up in SoCal
I think it would be profitable for some of those operations to come back, or come to the South? Get Speedway in the public eye and provide another form of Dirt racing, besides watching cars crash, monster trucks, or Stocks.... BLAH..
There are still plenty of 1/4 mile dirt tracks at county facilities, most still have bleachers or Grand Stands, and there are a lot of counties who could use the $$ generated by that type of Friday or Saturday Night Action.

The smell of the fuel... $20. The Sound..included. Sideways on a rocket..Priceless!

Anyone intereted?
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