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Speedo Questions...

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Hello Forum,

i am having ratio problems with a o.e.m. Cj speedo i rebuilt not to long ago. i drove about 2600 miles at 70 mph, but the speedo reads about 1700 miles and 45 mph.
The unit was with a D-300, and is now matched with a D-20 tranfer case. Do they have different drive gears for the cable? The needle is smooth, so i'm thinking the cable itself is fine. i have the original D-20 speedo for parts.
Basically, are all Cj speedos the same? Then the problem would have to be in the transfer case driving gear. Or my rebuild. Is there a simple fix. Thanks in advance. Always lots of help available here.

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Thanks Jim,

i am leaning toward the drive gear. i think the speedo itself is fine. Will i be able to just put in a suitable drive gear to make up for the axle and tire ratio changes? Is this a common fix at any speedo shop?

Thanx again,

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