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Has anyone attempted the speed sensor conversion on their speedometer? This is needed for the fuel injection engine swap. Using a speed sensor from a donor Tracker speedometer I was able to adapt it to my sammi's (87jx) speedo with the help of a dermel. It wasn't too difficult!

NOW for the confusing part....when I hook up an ohm meter to the speed sensor (the sensor is just a reed switch) The Tracker speedo triggers the switch 4 times per 360 degree revolvtion and the sammi trigers it only once per revolution. I fear that on the sammi the sensor will be reporting only a 1/4 of the actual speed to the ECM. Does anyone think this will make a big difference?

BUT, I do notice that the tracker worm gearing in the speedo is much finer than that on the sammi, and the speedo cable attaches to each vehicles in different spots (tranny vs T-case)This gives me the impression that the respective speedometer cables are spinning at very different rates.
I should note that there is enough differenct in the two speedometers to prevent a direct swap.

Any thoughts, rumors or ideas on this subject would be appreciated!!

ALSO,Does anyone know how many revolutions per mile for a tracker speedo? I found that 1026rev.=1 mile on the sammi speedo. If I could find this number for the tracker, I could answer my question with simple math.


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Contact Brent at Trail Tough. He knows this stuff inside out.

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