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speed of oddesy?

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I am a beginner to honda oddesy's. I have an fl250 and was wondering its top speed and how i can make it go faster?

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When you are at a sit still on solid surface(asphalt) and hit the throttle all the way, if your enigne is in good shape your front end should lift 1/2 to 3 inch off the ground... these machine are not made for real speed but endurace...hillclimbing,mudding,sand, not JUMPING...OUCH!!!Yep they will do around 50 55 depinding on the terrain, tires,and belt wear.You can do some homeade mods...I moved my snorkel to the side and turned its opening to face the front so air will be forced directly in will keep the engine cooler and boost horsepower by a little by making a "RAMAIR"...if you do much mudding or water riding you know that the clutch and belt will slip when wet...if you have any carpentry skills you can get a high power drill and a really strong bit and someplexiglass...On the bottom where the skid guard wasyou can measure the side by the left rear tire and cut a piece to cover the opening next to the guard drill holes in it and put screws in the frame and the same on the other side and it will be virtually water tight and you can actually drive in deep water...

Just a piece of my knowledge,

" If you can't go through, around or under it, then go over it!!!"
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