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Spark Plugs??

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I know recent posts have stated that the brand of spark plugs doesn't matter when doing the Duraspark upgrade, but there are so many different ones to choose from; is there a brand that I should get for my '76 CJ5 304. Will be using MSD 6A, TFI coil, MSD Heli-Core Wires. All opinions will be respected.

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Personally, I just like the name "Bosch". I think TeamRush (seems to be the resident ignition specialist) said there ain't much difference. He recommended Autolite. I've used splitfires before without any noticeable increase in anything but price. Also, you can't go wrong with Delco products. I don't think anything fancy will do much for you. You're going to get more out of the upgrade than the spark plugs. After the upgrade it won't matter much, least that's my guess.

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I have less failures out of the box with Autolite or Nippon Denso.
I prefer to buy American when I can, so we go through a lot of Autolites around here...
The plain Bosch plugs do pretty good also. I wouldn't pay for the Platinum, Uranium, Plutonium or any other silly sales gimmick.

The plain base plugs seem to do the best. Copper cores DO help, and aren't just all hype.

Platinum Split Weenier plugs just don't do the do... But they will lighten up your beer money supply...
And stay far away from the so called, "Gapless" plugs.
There is a real popular plug with four ground electrodes, and it is a waste of time and money in my testing...
The spark is traveling in the wrong direction to get the fire lit going the correct way in the chamber...
Flame front is the name of the game, and that plug just doesn't do it correctly...

Hope this helps, Aaron.

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