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Spark plugs - one more time

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I replaced my spark plugs recently. The 225 had Autolite 65 plugs, but I got Champion RJ12YC plugs from Checker. When I compared the two, the 65s were about 1/2" longer on the electrode end. The Champions seem to work fine, but I was wondering what difference the shorter length will make. I have seen both listed in various posts here as acceptable for the 225.

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Errrr...... The numbers look correct, have you looked on the plugs themselves to make shure the plugs are really what the box says? I have seen plugs in the wrong box before. I don't have any champions here to compare at the moment. Who knows, it might be fine.

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It's a 225? Who made the 225?

Why try to make something else work?

Why not stick with the same plug the engine was designed for? AC's!

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The plugs agree with the box. Like I said, it runs fine...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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