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The Southwest RallyCup Series had their banquet on January 16th, 2010 at the SpeedZone facility in City of Industry, Ca. We presented the 1st-4th place awardees their trophies in their prospective classes. Bill Holmes driver and Sean Gallagher co-driver won the overall SWRC 2009 Darlin Cup. Bill Holmes who does off-road and rallying; was very happy for winning and looks forward to the 2010 season with his peers competing at the first event of the series season - Desert Storm Rally in Blythe, California.

Bilstein of America Annoucements:
Bilstein of America was present at the banquet and was represented by Camille Hermann from the marketing department and Bret Norgaard a Bilstein engineer and a long time involvement in this sport and SCCA rallycross program.

Presented to the audience that Bilstein will be the title sponsor for Southwest RallyCup Series again for three years to support the series and its competitors. Along with that announcements we the involvement of the brand new class for 2WD only competitors. It will be called "BILSTEIN CUP CLASS." The 2wd competitors will get the chance to compete within their own class for a full season and at the end of the season the overall winner will receive the top honor of the "Bilstein Racing for Excellence" award. Compared to the very prestigious award " Madonna" award..this is a very big deal to be given to the regional competitors.

First of all you must of course must have a 2wd car or truck. Along with that, you must have Bilstein shock absorbers on your vehicle; it will be tech inspected. You can sign up for the class at the first event as stated the Desert Storm Rally and any other series events. At the end of the year depending upon your points standings; there will be contingency prize funds at the end of the year for 1st-5th place winners with the overall driver winning the "Bilstein Racing for Excellence" award.

Denise McMahon
Series Director
Southwest RallyCup Series
SouthWest Rally Series
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