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I have located the source for the knocking that was coming from my rebuilt 4.2 with less then 60 miles on it. It is coming from the #1 piston. I droped the oil pan and removed the rod cap and the bearings looked good. However I am able to get the piston to tilt in the clyinder by applying pressure to the rod. I need advice on how to fix this hopefullly without having to do major rework. I also installed a 4.0 head and I only torqued it to 80 ft lbs because the machine shop did not have access to a torque plate. Could the clyinder still be distorted with 80 ft lbs. of head torque. Block was bored 30 over and no decking was required. I have not yet removed the head to remove the piston. Can a bad wrist pin cause this condition. Once agiain thanks for all help and suggestions.........

89 YJ 4.2, 4.0 HO Head with MPI, AX15, Procomp 4" Lift, MSD6a, and just gerttin started......
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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