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i have a chance to get a set of two inch coil spacers for 50 bucks. i was wondering if i was to put this on my jeep with the 3 inch lift thats on it right now what all will i have to change two make it work right. i figured i would have to get longer shocks, but will i run into problems with my pinon angles or with my lower control arms? i do have the flex arms that extend but i dont belive they are adjustable . And is there anything else i might need to look into changing...

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Danny, you will have several issues to deal with. When the TJ kits go over 3" they usually have both upper and lower control arms in the kit. I think you will have problems with the pinion angles. You may also run into driveshaft problems with the slip yoke on the rear driveshaft, unless you have a slip yoke eliminator. With a standard drag link and tie rod and even a drop pitman arm you will experience a lot of bump steer. You may also encouter problems with the track arm being out of alignement and contributing to bump steer. (******* definition of bump steer - It wanders all over the road.)

However, in my opinion for the price it might not hurt to try it and see how it all works and if not take them off. I ran a homemade suspension lift on my TJ using stock control arms, ZJ springs and homemade spacers for a couple of years without problems but I only had 3" of lift total. If you do put them on be sure to take it straight to the alignment shop to check the caster in the front end. If the rear does not have the adjusters it would be a worthwhile purchase. The front end caster angle is usually the biggest contributer to the TJ "DEATH WOBBLE".

I have the spacers on my current ZJ and have a lot of bump steer even with the caster corrected.

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The last post pointed out a couple of problems. They do make camming bolts for the flex arms (control arms) that may give some adjustment on pinion for caster in front and pinion angle in back. 3 inches is about max lift for stock slip yoke and drive line. You WILL need SYE and cv rear shaft for 5 inches. Also tera flex make a bracket to reposition the rear track bar.
On the front you may be able to redrill the track mounting holes for an extention if that has not been done already. they also sell adjustable trackbars (best option). If you don't adjust the track bars your axles will get pulled to the driver's side. Don't forget sway bars if you dont have extentions already; if they are already extended they should be ok.
Finally I've read that any lift over 4 inches on a tj just performs poor without long arms. I Haven't tried it though. Maybe you should just consider 1 inches spacers although that may be borderline for stock transfer/rear drive line.
Who made you current lift?
good luck

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