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Son of saga of the winch

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I now have two winches, the one they originally sent with the hawse fairlead with a 247xxx serial number
and the one that arrived today with a roller fairlead, a BIG motor and a serial number 616xxx. I can't
believe they sent me a new one without getting the old one back first. These guys try hard but their aim
is a little off sometimes. I'm sure they will eventually get the bugs worked out and they certainly seem
to believe in the philosophy that the customer is right, something you don't see much anymore. Now all
I need is instructions on how to return the first one I got.

Too bad they don't have anything else I need with the 33% off sale until the end of the month.

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Well appeared to have won the war ......or is it most of the battles? This is the story that won't die. You got a really good deal .......but man .......have you paid for it in spades. I think that it must be some immutable bylaw of the universe can't have a left without a right ...a front without a back.....or a great deal on a winch without a great deal of hassle.

Can you stand much more of this good fortune?


I have "instructions on how to return the first one", just E-mail me and i'll send you an address/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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