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I'm looking for a locker for my IFS. I made my own last year by welding the spider gears together for pure posi. Since it's impossible to turn the wheel when you're going slow with the front locked, I installed a little toggle switch to help. I cut into the wiring of the front diff actuator so I could operate it independantly of the transfer case lever. With the switch off and the truck in 4 H or L there would be power to the driver side front wheel only. It isn't much fun to drive like that since it pulls hard to one side when you're on the gas. I only flip the switch off for tight turns. Normally the switch is on, keeping both wheels locked. (Remember now, I live in the Arctic so it's usually slippery enough to get away with this.) Eventually the weld broke and I destroyed the pot so I bought another stock open front end. I left the switch installed and now I have the option of 2 or 4 low. This is nice since the big tires make for taller gearing and driving in low range gives the tranny a chance to run through the gears. We do have a bit of pavement and you all know that dry asphalt and 4WD makes for a bumpy ride.
I got addicted to the amazing traction of a locked front end but now I'm looking for a real 'store bought' locker. The problem is that I can't find anyone who makes one to fit. I heard that someone makes a small locker that'll fit with some clearance grinding of the housing but I don't know who. I have no problem grinding. I'm also looking for a spool for the rear if anybody knows of a good one.
With a front locker and the switch, you have the option of 2WD Low, 4WD Low w/open diff, and 4WD w/locked diff. I like choices and I hate getting stuck.
I have the light duty 2500 with the 6 lug wheels. I'm pretty sure it's the same front diff as the 1500. Anybody know anybody who knows?



They make a E-locker for the newer large IFS axels I know. The 9.5 like is in the 2500HD. I dont know if they make em for the 1/2 ton IFS though. You could switch to 1 ton stuff and get one for it if you really want a locker up front but cant find one.
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