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Alrighty folks, I need some measurements trivia.

Need to know the length off..

4.2L (from crank nut)
NP231 (output yolk)

Figuring out this 350 swap..

I;ve got..

26" for the SBC, 6" bellhousing, 12" SM465, 8.5" Homebrew adapter, 11.75" D300.

That's 64.25" From cranknut to output yolk.

Hows that sound for my YJ?

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the AX15 is 24 right?

Tcase from mounting face to end of the yolk... when in a nutral state.

So I'm 26 to my 31
SM465 and adapter is 20.5" to the 24.
Thats another 3.5"

I read somewhere that the NP231 is 19? is that true..
cause then it's 19 to the 300s 11.75

15.75" shorter then my current setup?

I think I could probably even run the cheap slightly offset J20 axes a guys trying to sell around here.

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That sounds long for your orig. set up.....but I don't know a thing about those trans/t-cases.

Just for reference this is a stock CJ7 set up........
4.2 = 31''
bell = 6.5''
T-18 = 13''
D-20 = 10.5''

looks like you're in the neighborhood.

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Forgot the bellhousing.


I keep trying to measure under my Jeep.. but it's so hard with it all still bolted under there.

Was hoping some people pulled tcases and trans and measured them out.

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Bump. Im back to math.

Now Im comparing a Th350 in there aswell..

26-6-25.3 (w. adapter) - 11.75

I've got an electric taurus fan.. thats got really good clearance.

I'm kind of stuck here.
I've bought the SM465 and D300.. it'd be good if I could use the D300, and mate it to a TH350.

This making any sense? Im rambling I know.
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