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single key crankshaft
7.8:1 compression ratio
6.7Psi of boost
Garrett T3 turbo
[email protected]
[email protected]
259cc/min injectors
top feed fuel rails/injectors

side feed fuel rails/injectors
Garrett T25 turbo
5 psi of boost
8.3:1 compression ratio
floating wrist pins
forged doublekey crankshaft
16 bit ECU
[email protected]

these engines can take 450hp in stock form as long as there is no detonation present. the only weak part on these was the fuel system wich can only support 300HP, or 14psi. some guys have gone to 15psi on a T3 car without intercooler and TTZ fuel pump and fuel pressure riser.

this is just some info for those considering either engine. 8/87 was the first of the '88 model year. 88-89 engines had a longer crank and pully.
a 84-89 turbo manifold wich bolts up to all VG engines costs about $135!


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ummmmmmmmmmm..........say that in English please..hehehe :)

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