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Hoping someone here from jersey can help me?!I would like the name of a reputable shop that would swap in a SA in my 95 chevy pick-up.I live in the central-northern(bergen county)area.Had work done by meadowlands 4x4 in e. rutherford and was not happy
.Would apreciate any shops.

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Work was already done? You need an axle put under the truck but don't want to take it to a shop that already did it? There are different kits available depending on what axle you are working with. HAve you thought about doing the work yourself?

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yeah i dont blame ya one bit, i hate having to go back to
shops that had bad service, plus you loose control of your
vehicle, i did my own sas swap in a storage rental unit
with no electricity, it was a pain in the arse, but atleast
i was in control of it,i just used a small generator for the
saws-all,grinder, and a cordless drill for whatever drills are used for, did it a few hours a day to look unsuspicious
took one month, wasnt to hard though, also did a shackle flip wile i was at it, shops are to slooooooooooooow so i
would do it yourself, plus youll save money, or find a
different shop, it took 4 months to get a frontend rebuilt
totally faw*ed me over,so i dont use shops anymore,
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