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Did you have to shrink that? If you change the original picture to jpeg you can make it way bigger before hitting the size restriction.

Truck looks good from what I can hardly see. /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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What's that Quicktime stuff? When I see the truck I see it in a QuickTime movie window. (maybe it's just my computer) Truck looks badass though! What kind of Solid axle conversion is that?? the diff is on the passenger side! Is it a home job? if so what combination of parts did you use? Maybe a ORU conversion kit with a chevrolet front end?

If someone with the 4WAL system did the conversion, could they still keep the 4WAL, or would they have to junk it for the older axle?


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yea can you change to a .JPG file and repost. the .BMP file you have on there isnt even clear enough for me to see on my machine. .JPG is a better format - higher quality at a lower file size

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