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Sold Sammi, wife had a fit may be looking for one

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again. She has absolutely reamed me a new ass for selling my 87 Samurai and I'm so sick of listening to it I may end up buying another one. I think if I do it's gonna have to be a tin top cause I like thise better. I'm only got a grand to spend on one so if anyone knows where one is let me know.

I'm in Mid-Missouri so the closer the better, damn women. *snarls*

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thats the funniest thing i've heard all day. I would say someting about a "whiping"
sound but since its about geting a samurai I'll have to restrain. any ways hope u get out of the dog house soon.

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Glad to see you back ! lol isnt it funny how the women of our lives only care about a vehicle after it is gone . I dont think I will ever live down selling Kimbo's diesel rabbit .
Now I guess we know why you come in here and argue with everyone about everything. At least we aren't going to pull the leash around your balls.

Tell her if she wants another one it's her turn to buy one and fix it up.

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My wife would kiss me if I sold mine.
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I thought you were to much of a wuss to drive the Zuk. I think you should get the XJ!
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Heck my ol lady would prob give me a nice peice of a.. cake if I got rid of some of my stuff. >>>>>>>> 3
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