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A few days ago there was a discussion on mods for a softer ride. As a side note, it was mentioned that the shocks were a big cause of teeth-jarring. Last night, I took my shocks off and drove around the block a few times and over some speed bumps in the local Wally-World parking lot to test it out - man it's true! Much smoother without my (stock) shocks (albeit a bit bouncy). I have been wondering for quite awhile how to get a smoother ride, while I still have some teeth. Guess I'll be saving for some new shocks. Anybody have recommendations (likes/dislikes)? I like the idea of the RS 9000, but I guess they only make them for lifted suspensions (I only have a body lift). I'm planning a mild (1.5 inch) shackle lift shortly - any considerations there? Thanx!

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Nearly ANY quality shock is better than stock. The thing I've found (thanks to some old timers) is to use Nylock nuts to secure your shocks, and DON"T overtighten then. Many people think tighter is better, but with a slightly looser shock, the ride is MUCH nicer!! Make sure they are snug, and touching the mounts COMPLETELY, but that's about it!! Procomp 3000 series or higher is my reccomendation, I feel RANCHO is just selling their name on a standard indusrty design....Mark

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The RS9000's are available in any length, including stock. I went with them on my Scrambler for one main reason, they're adjustable. For wheeling around home, I usually go light, not much accompaines me except lunch and the straps. When wheeling with the club or an overnight, I bring the kitchen sink, which includes about every tool and spare part known. I picked up the habit from my older brother, who has a '79 CJ-5 (258/T18/D300/OME-YJ2.5"/34"SS/LR's)he does the same thing with. His seat back (high back VW Rabbit seats) broke one day but he didn't notice until he got out because the seat fell against all his junk in the bed. I am a packrat by nature, so I opted for a Scrambler (among other reasons) when looking for a jeep. Needless to say, this adds a lot of weight, hence the adjustable shocks. I also wanted to buy one shock, and with the mods I was making, the Scrambler would be gaining a lot of weight over the course of a few years, so I didn't want to replace shocks part way through the game.
I don't notice the shocks that much when unloaded due to my stiff springs, but I'm working on loosening them up a bit. Jeepsix6 is correct, don't overtighten your shocks, but don't undertighten them so they make noise. Use a locknut and/or loctite (my favorites, along with 1/4" plate steel) and a long enough shock for your needs, don't get one that limits travel.

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