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I've got a 76 CJ-7 with a 304 and 35" tires. I was wondering if it would soften my ride any if I went SOA with only the rear?
The front is a little too much for me just yet with all the angles, but the rear seems pretty simple. I have a 4" lift right now
and it's kind of harsh for a daily driver. SO, if I went SOA with the rear using stock springs would I get a better ride even if
I left the 4" springs up front? Should I use stock YJ springs instead of CJ? Also, would the back be higher than the front? I've
read that spring over gives about 5" of lift. Would some longer shackles up front help even me out? Any help would be greatly


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I'm slightly Biased, but i say go for it... it's easy (relativly) rides nicer, and it will Amaze your friends w/ the droop.
Easiest way to do it...
1 buy pre Fab'd spring perches, and new U-Bolts
2 buy extended brake line, and longer breather tube
3 remove rear axle (easy)
4 cut/grind off old spring mounts (or leave them on, your call)
5 put wheel's back on axle, roll axle under springs (frame still supported w/ jackstands, only slight wieght on springs)
6 place spring perches between axle, and spring, rotate axle till u-joint angle is right (angle finder is helpful)
7 Tack weld perches in place (doesn't take much)
8 remove axle from jeep
9 Weld perches on Solidly
10 install axle w/ new u-bolts, brake line, and breather tube
11 retorque after 100 miles

piece of cake huh....

"If you chose not to decide, you still have made a Choice" RUSH

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Thanks for the info BJ. I have more questions though. Would it be ok with a stock AMC 20 and will I need longer shocks? If I need longer shocks, which should I go with?

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