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Soft Tops

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Is there a proper way to fold a soft top for storage that will minimize creases and kinks?

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Do not fold the windows at sharp angles.

The soft top itself- I just fold and keep it in a xerox box. If when I take it out- I let it sit laid out in the sun for awhile, you don't have to do this(stretching it back onto the soft-top bow assembly and a few days will get rid of the creases), but the warmth of the sun "irons" out the wrinkles and creases. Too bad its winter now though, could use a hairdryer?

The windows, I keep them hanging in the coat closet or on the wall. I use those binder clips and hang them on nails on the wall, or clip around a coat hanger and hang it in the closet. The rear window I keep flat underneath the couch, covered with a small bedsheet, to prevent dust build up. Sometimes I just put the rear quarter windows underneath the couch also, and even the soft top door windows.

I have kept my soft top and windows looking new for 5 years, and I intend to keep it looking new as long as I have it.

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JC Whitney sells a soft storage boot that protects your top while folded down and has pockets for your side windows as well. I think I paid about $30 for mine. However, I lay my softtop out flat under my bed in the winter months.

Under the couch or bed would be out of the question, that's where the guns and money are. My wife doesn't mind getting down and dirty in the Jeep, but the dirt stays outside. I'll probably end up setting up some hangers in the attic for the windows, and a storage box for the top.

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