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That's right y'all!! With temperatures startin to dip down (hopefully) the Socal Rally X season is gearin up for the second half! If anyone is not familiar with California City let me lay it out for ya, It's an off-road playground to say the least!! There are communities that were gridded out that never happened so you have all these graded housing track streets ripe for the pickin!!

We just recently go the approval for this event from the City so it's on like donkey kong!!!

Mark your calenders and get ready to race your dirty little butt off during the weekend of September 19th and 20th. Hopefully it cools down a little by then, but if!

As you can see, this is a two day event, but it's going to be a little different from what we have done in the past. The 1st day is going to be a "Test and Tune" and "Grudge Match" day. The second day is going to be a traditional Rally X.

On the 19th, the Test and Tune will cost $5 a lap or $20 for five laps and will be running from about 8 or 9AM to around 4 or 5PM. At the top of each hour, we will be having 1-3 Grudge Matches. The cost will be $10 for each car and the winner of the match gets his money back. . The rules of the grudge match are what ya' brung! There is NO classing. So if you and a buddy have been endlessly talking smack, now is the time to find out who is "teh faster". After you have sharpened your mad JDM dirt drifting skillz (yo!), you will be ready to race on the 20th.

Cost of the rally x will be So Cal standard....

$50 day of
$45 pre-reg NON CRS or NASA member
$40 pre-reg with CRS or NASA member

***MAXIMUM 75 entries***

Registration is open so reg up!!

**Please not that there is NO online payment!! Also, NO personal checks...We will only accept cool cold cash. Also, Pre-reg closes on 9/17/09. If you fail to pre-reg by then, you will have to pay the "day of" price regardless of membership status.

The race is going to be held IN the city, not out on the deserted streets east of town.

Here is a map of the course. On Saturday (Test and Tune / Grudge Matches) we will be running the course clockwise. On Sunday (race day) we will change the start / finish area to make it a traditional course (non-dueling) and run counter clockwise.

Official Party at the X-Spot Sports Bar and Grill on Saturday Night!!

I just got the word that there is going to be a live band playing at the X-Spot for our party. On top of that there is going to be a BBQ buffet available to us. The party starts at 8PM an goes until you pass out. More details to come.

Also close by is a coin-op car wash, a Coffee shop and a Napa auto parts store (in case you break your shiz).

There is no hotel in California City, so we will have camping on site in the Pit / Staging area. If you must stay in a hotel, you can find a room in the town of Mojave. It's only about 15 or so minutes away.

Find more info and sign up for grudge matches on - The Off-Road Impreza Community


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