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I need to get new axles on my 85 CJ7. I’m running a 4-inch lift 3-inch body lift and 35x12.5s. If I have to the axles made (lots of $$ if any one has a upgrade from a d30 and m20 they want to get rid of please let me know) I may want to replace my 4 inch lift with a 2 1/2 and go SOA from what I've read it will give you more flex (due to less arch in the springs right?) what are the pros and cons of SOA? I'd really like to go with coil springs is there a kit to convert a CJ to coils? Warn had one but its not on the market any more.




im going that direction. SOA and 2" puck lift. should net me about 7 to 8 inches of lift after its installed. getting the kit from rubicon express, comes with shocks and other hardware, retaining your origional leaves.

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Do a search on the subject, and you will find lots of info, good/ and bad.
Some quick pros/cons;
Pros- better flex with flat springs (if that is what is used), more clearance under axles, lots of lift w/o stiff arched springs, depending on what your skills are and what you have (partswise) can be inexpensive.
Cons- axle wrap, springs tend to sag quicker (usually flat stock springs), steering complications (may need to do hy-steer), depending on what your skills are and what you have (partswise) can be expensive.
Then you have things like brakelines, driveshafts, and longer shocks, which need to be looked at with any lift SOA or SUA.

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