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So What IS a "Universal" anyway?

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So What IS a \"Universal\" anyway?

Maybe this is a really dumb question. But I've talked to several people that I figured for sure would know...and they didn't. How about it guys? Just what is, or is not a Jeep "Universal"? I'm looking for models, years, features, etc. I need to know if my 1970 DJ-6 (yes, it's factory 2-wheel drive) qualifies. Thanks!
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Re: So What IS a \"Universal\" anyway?

The term "Universal" or "Jeep Universal", so given to the Jeep by Willys in the late 1940s originally referred to the CJ line. It has been expanded in recent years to include the DJ, YJ and TJ model Jeeps as well. I believe Willys coined the term in order to differentiate the decendants of the MB from the stationwagon and pick up models, thus allowing them to use the popular trademark name "Jeep" for all the models produced.
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