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I got my York installed and while tightening the bolts, I noticed that the one on the most outboard hole seemed to have a loose fit. Well, it tightened down (I didn't push it as I didn't want to strip it out), and then I went on to install the rest. After three test runs, the York has started to wiggle. I noticed that the outboard bolt seemed loose, so I tightened it up using a small wrench...then pop! jumped clean out of the hole. The threads are stripped.

So how do I fix this? Do I drill it out and go up a bolt size? I have a tap and drills. The original bolt was a 3/8 by 16 thread size. Will I have to be aware of any problems with this being that it is in the head? Suggestions welcome.


Jeep...need I say more?

heli-coil would be another idea...there are lots of different thread inserts out there, they work.

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