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Just curious what all of your initial impressions are of the Titan before it is released to the dealerships? After reading more about it, all I can say is watch out Ford, GM, and Dodge. This thing really kicks butt, and is very competitively priced. Check out the MSRP's released from Nissan as presented in MotorTrend Magazine:
Prices for the 2004 Nissan Titan King Cab models are:
· Titan King Cab XE 4x2 $22,400
· Titan King Cab SE 4x2 $24,400
· Titan King Cab LE 4x2 $28,800
· Titan King Cab XE 4x4 $25,500
· Titan King Cab SE 4x4 $27,500
· Titan King Cab LE 4x4 $31,900

Prices for the 2004 Nissan Titan Crew Cab models are:
· Titan Crew Cab XE 4x2 $25,100
· Titan Crew Cab SE 4x2 $26,700
· Titan Crew Cab LE 4x2 $31,100
· Titan Crew Cab XE 4x4 $28,200
· Titan Crew Cab SE 4x4 $29,800
· Titan Crew Cab LE 4x4 $34,200


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No, I am not a car salesman. I follow automotive trends and I just think the Titan marks the beginning of the end of the Big Three's dominance in the full-size truck segment. The point I am trying to make is that the Nissan is priced very sensibly, as people traditionally view Japanese autos as more expensive than domestics. This might still be true with the Titan, however I think people will choose quality and reliability first when buying a new vehicle.

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I am very happy with my Titan so far. I don't 4 wheel it though. It cost to much to beat it up. I use my super cheap samurai for that. The Titan does a great job towing my samurai, and corvette, and has every feature I could want. I got the 4x4 king cab with the GPS, towing package, everything but the DVD.
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