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Do I really need the rubber snubbers that hang down on bracket on front susp. on 72 cj5. Seams that susp. travel would be much better without. Can I remove them without causing problems? Thanx in advance kenny


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Can't speak for your rig, but.................

My '77 CJ5 doesn't have rear bumpstops and it doesn't create any problems, at least none that "I" would consider to be a problem.

The fronts I left in there because I rub enough as it is and it does save my oil pan a bit.

On my Samurai I just bought, I removed all the bumpstops and gained a tonne of flex for free. No problems with hitting anything.

I would take them out and then cycle the suspension under a controlled situation and see if your going to hit anything. Take into account that the axles will travel farther in real world circumstances. You might be able to get rid of them all together or you might want to just cut them down a bit.

Just be aware that you might have to deal with some rubbing, the shocks might not like the extra compression and extension, and neither might your axle shafts. Just put a little thought into it and you should be fine.

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The bumpstops shouldn't limit suspension travel at all; all they are supposed to do is prevent the shock from being damaged by bottoming out in a hard hit. When I put new shocks in my CJ5 to go with the spring lift, I spaced the bumpstops down so the axles hit the bumpstops slightly before the shocks bottom out.


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