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Smitty built bumper.

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So I didn't want to jack Andy's post with this rant so here it goes. My wife ordered a smitty built xrc rear bumper for the jk. So I just want to say it looks good and feels solid but wow. Instructions were vague but figured it would be. They say if you are missing hardware contact us. Ok, so here is the complaint. The vague instructions tell what length of bolt and nut to use but when you are sorting through the hardware that I layed out first you find it looks like its all there when it turns out some was missing and has a lot of extra that wasn't needed at all. I had to source out four nuts and bolts because the ones that came with it were to short. Maybe I'm wrong but it shouldn't take over three hours to change a bumper. I would say a good hour and a half was spent trying to figure out if used the bolts in the wrong place or if I didn't get them. I'm thinking they were just the wrong bolts all together. I tell my wife this after I put it on and she says yah a lot of the reviews said that and just to wing it... Thanks for the heads up there lady... All good now. Like I said, looks good...
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That's a pain in the rear. In contrast I just got a new 3D printer from Prusa. The instructions were terrific, except that they were on line - no printed manual - so I had to take the laptop to the shop. But it was all good otherwise. Each step had its own little Zip Lock baggie with the fasteners for that step. There were around 40 baggies and EVERY ONE had exactly what it was supposed to have. The instructions listed the length of every screw, which was handy because there's not much difference between a 3x8mm and a 3x10mm, so the digital caliper was handy. And then there was another larger baggie with spares of everything, even the little magnets for the filament sensor. I had to get into it a couple of times, but only when I dropped something and couldn't find it right away. That's the way all DIY assembly projects should be done!
Hi, I asked this question before, but it was deleted, unfortunately. What is the exact model of the printer? I've heard a lot about this brand, but I've never ever faced it before.
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