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I just recently got my SM465 in the Jeep. Tired of replacing/rebuilding SR4's. The adapter I used from Rube Adapter did not have very good craftmenship, but it's working. The welds and cuts were not smooth and the splines on the spud shaft just looked horrible (the ones on the shaft I replace looked way better), for $418 I expected this much. The kit did not come with any new snap rings or seals, just the two gaskets, spud shaft, and adapter. I originally ordered it in December but it arrived two weeks late, Rube says the mail was slow cause of holidays. So I did not have time to put it in until recently. The shaft was the wrong diameter so I had it turned down. Rube says he sent me another one the next day but I didn't recieve it and am presently trying to figure out what happened to it. So the adapter works but I won't recomend it, I'm also not saying that it's terrible. All I know is Novak's is around $80 more but comes with snap rings (extremely hard to find where I live for some wierd reason), seals, etc. Oh yeah, after I put the tranny in on the first run I stupidly floored it in first gear,on the street, and destroyed a u-joint and somehow my spring saddles. If anyone wants further details on the adapter, in case they're considering buying one let me know and I'll be glad to tell you more details. By the way the that low 1st gear rocks!!!!!!! now time for some beefier axles!!!!!

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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