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I found an SM420 under a pile of junk at a machine shop yesterday.
Does anyone know where I can get either a rebuild manual or at
least an exploded-view parts picture? Thanks, SledDog.


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I picked up a Haynes service manual for an early Chevy pickup. It has an exploded view of the tranny as well as rebuild instructions.
You can pick one up at most auto parts stores or J.C. Whitney. Also if your looking for rebuild parts they are getting hard to find.
I did find a place in Northern Ca. called Borders Trans. If you want their phone# let me know and I'll hunt it up. I put a SM420 in my
'42 only to find out that it won't stay in 4th gear. I now have a 2nd tranny I am going to try. Used trannys are cheaper than rebuilding.
The granny gear is great at 7.02-1. happy hunting.


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I obtained a early 60's manual which has rebuild instructions. If needed, I could send pertinent copies.

BTW, I just finished a rebuild of a 420 for my '84CJ7. Hicks can supply most parts.

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