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I lucked out and found a junked old chevy pickup with a SM420 in it. Some stupid punks had tried to burn the truck but the fire was isolated to the cab. Not a bad find for an hour and a half crawling around in broken glass.

Any way I have some questions. I was planing to do a jeep T-18 with ford T-18 input shaft swap but have not found hte parts. Now I have free SM420 with that very nice 7 something to 1 first gear. Has anyone here put one of these in there jeep. I see AA makes adaptors but it would be good to hear what is invalved. cost and time wise.

second: I know that It is a SM 420 by the bulge on the pass side. NOw I thought that reverse was down and away by 4th. But in this trany it is down and in by 2nd. Is this normal?

any help would be good. thanks



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AA makes an adapter and Novak makes an long as your going to need the adapter run a Dana 300 tcase.

Novak's adapter is much shorter than AA=longer driveshaft, that's the one I have been considering, plus its cheaper:)

Is there anyone here running the Novak SM430 to Dana 300 adapter? DO you like it??

'77 CJ7 SOA Chevy 327

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My 420 is out of a late 40's/early 50's model of truck, and it has reverse down and towards the driver just like yours.... /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif Bret

Thanks for the Novak link BMB /wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif....

'56 CJ-5, 283, t-90/d18, 25/44, 32's on 15x10's,no lift yet, cage.
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