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Sloppy Driveshaft???

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I noticed that there is a lot of rotation on my rear drive shaft when it is just sitting on the ground. I just crawl under there in the drive way and give it a turn. It turns at the very least 10 - 20 degrees maybe more. And I have notice a big klunk in the rear it the clutch comes out too fast. There is a quieter click noise every time that does not sound to horrible. So anyway i am worried that it might be a rear end that I need. I think it has something to do with my vibrations also. The reason for this is now I have a small vibration resonating through the vechicle all the time now. It is still bad in Second gear. Any way let me know what you all think.

Thank you

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This may sound like a big "DUH!" reply, but you checked to make sure your u-joints were still good, right? I had that EXACT same prob recently and it turned out to be a wasted u-joint.

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