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Sloppy Driveshaft???

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I noticed that there is a lot of rotation on my rear drive shaft when it is just sitting on the ground. I just crawl under there in the drive way and give it a turn. It turns at the very least 10 - 20 degrees maybe more. And I have notice a big klunk in the rear it the clutch comes out too fast. There is a quieter click noise every time that does not sound to horrible. So anyway i am worried that it might be a rear end that I need. I think it has something to do with my vibrations also. The reason for this is now I have a small vibration resonating through the vechicle all the time now. It is still bad in Second gear. Any way let me know what you all think.

Thank you

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Drain your gear oil and see what it looks smells like.
If there are little glittery bits in it then you have problems, if there are chunks of metal then you have problems. The Ring and pinion backlash may be off, but most likly something, (like the spider gears or sidegears) is bunged up. And check your u-joints too. Good luck

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