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I have decided to swap out my axles out of my CJ-8. I plan to go with a Dana 44 in front out of a Wagoneer and plan to go with a Dana 60 for the rear. However, I do not know much about this axle. My questions are:

What is the lug pattern (the 44 will be the typical 6 lug Chevy pattern, but either one can be modified)
What size rims fit is (15", 16" or 16.5")
From what vehicle should I try to get one out of
What years to avoid

Also, on the 44, does anyone make a full floater conversion for it?? Thanks for all the help....


Hey Stan,

I will give ya all the info i know on this swap (NOT MUCH, lol)

1. YES, WARN makes a full floating kit for the Dana44 (expensive)

2. Double Check With the Wagoneer axles, i believe some of them have the diff on the wrong side.

3. I think that the Scout Dana44's are the desired ones to swap into a CJ

Thats All I Know

Good Luck

Kevin Speicher
New England 4x4 Club
79 Jeep CJ-7

The Wagoneer front 44 will, as you say, come with the six stud pattern. If you want to keep a 5 on 5-1/2, buy a set of rotors for a Ford 1/2 ton 4x4 and bolt them on in place of the Wagoneer's. You can also go 8 stud, but I believe you will need to change the knuckles (could be wrong you might only have to change the spindle). All front axles are full floaters (due to the need for steering knuckles).
The 60 nearly always runs an 8 stud, the only exception I can think of off hand are some wierd semi floaters used in Jeep trucks that had a 5 on 5-1/2 (There is a guy named Peanut selling one of these axles in the "for sale-other" section) 60's have HUGE drums that will not allow for the mounting of a 15" wheel, the lug studs are mounted on the drum. How others have modified the brakes I don't know. I'm picking up a 44 f/ 60r soon to start on my axle swap. My decision is to retain the 8 stud pattern on both axles and run 16.5" wheels. I chose this route because; 1) I'm narrowing the axles myself and don't want to have to deal with changing the brake set up of the 60, and 2) I want to be able to buy drums etc. "off the shelf" when they need to be replaced.

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