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I'm looking at a set of retractable shoulder restraints for my '80 CJ7 as well as my brother's '81 CJ5. I saw them in JC Whitney for $68.77 per belt. Should these work ok? Will we just need to drill through the roll cage to attach the shoulder harness?

Any suggestions as to product, source, or procedure are greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tim

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I put shoulder belts in my '71 CJ5. Bolted the top mount thru the rollbar, grade 8 hardware. The donor was a '79 Subaru wagon. Retractor box easy to remove from the donor, and bolted to the front of the wheelhouse in my 5. You may have to be more creative on where you mount the box in an AMC vintage CJ, but I would definitely recycle a used set, probably $10 total at a boneyard. Got my bolts at a tractor supply store, something like $2.49/lb for grade 8.


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I got my shoulder belts from 4wd for $69.95. They are basically new wrangler seat belts, so I mounted them like the wrangler OE belts are mounted. I DON'T trust or recommend using used seat belts since they WILL be damaged if ever in an accident. You may not see the damage, but the belts will be weaker than new ones and I want the strongest belt I can get if I'm in an accident. Fine a YJ or CJ with shoulder belts and see how they are mounted so you can mount yours the same way.

Tim Springer
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You might want to consider Five point harnesses A fiend has them in his fj40 and they make the lap belts in my cj5 feel useless and even make shoulder belts feel in adaquate. I think he paid around $120.00 but I am not sure where he purchased them.

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