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Should I remove my spring clamps?

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Is it okay to remove the spring clamps from my leaf packs? I have a set of Pro-Comp 2-1/2" lift springs that are really stiff. These springs have clamps near the end and in the middle near the axle. I want to remove the clamps near the end and loosen the middle ones. Has anyone done this what can I expect after this modification? Any reason not to do this?


1985 CJ7 4.2L, T-176, 2.73 gears(too high), 2.5" lift, 31" tires
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From my experience I would have to say, "NO"!

I recently did an experiment with my front springs when I rebuilt them, and didn't bother putting any of the clamps back when I re-assembled them.

After a few days of some serious 'wheeling at Rock Crawl '99 I found that the leaves were shifting out of the packs.

Are yours revited to the springs? No need to remove them, just straighten the tops out so they don't limit flex, but keep the springs in the packs. This will help with flex quite a bit.

If they are really stiff on the road, and you can live with lossing a 1/4" to a 1/2" of lift.........take a leaf out. That will have a noticable difference on the street ride as well as flex.

I'm working on a suspension page for my Web Page that will explore different ways to improve flex. I'll post it up when I get around to finishing it.

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As jo-jo said you can bend the claps up if their riveted to the bottom of the spring. You can see how I did mine at my web site under "front suspension"
Wayne's site

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I have a Pro comp 2.5' lift too along with a 1" body lift. You are right, they are stiff for most people, but if you have a winch and assorted other things attached to your Jeep they really are OK. There are spring clamps that just sort of wrap around the springs to keep them from shifting, but don't really limit movement. I got some years ago from a suspension shop in Tucson, worked real well on my old Rancho lift which I believe had the same spring rates as the Pro Comp.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
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