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Okay, getting a little closer to buying some upgrades for my engine. Here' what I am looking at doing to my 1975 Buick 231 odd-fire:

New timing chain cover: JC Whitney $99 (Because the oil pump resevoir is scuffed up on mine. I have an oil pump rebuild kit, now I just need the bottom flat section that bolts onto the timing chain cover. Where do I get this?

Offenhauser 6035 intake manifold: From what I hear this is probably the best bet for low RPM, although I am not planning any really crazy rock crawling.

Holley 4160 390cfm carb.

So, will this all work with the odd-fire 231? And what about smog implications. The PO registered the engine with the BAR so I have to smog it as they consider it a 1975 vehicle.



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